Chase's Pond Watershed

A watershed is the area of land where all the water under it or drains off it goes into the same place. In the case of York Water District, it all flows to Chase’s Pond. Chase’s Pond, a long narrow and shallow pond, serves as the sole source of supply for the town of York drinking water and has since 1896.

Located just west of Interstate 95 and a total size of 2,090 acres of which the District owns 1,945 acres or approximately 88%. Chase’s Pond forms the head waters of the Cape Neddick River. Much of the water in Chase’s Pond arrives there from the south facing slope of Mount Agamenticus.

Mount Agamenticus is at the center of a push to conserve thousands of acres by multiple public and private organizations in the Mt. A. Region. This conservation effort began in the late 1970’s and continues to this day. Today, Mt. A. welcomes approximately 40,000 visitors annually. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing and bird watching are among the many recreational opportunities available here.

The Chase’s Pond watershed is bordered by Scituate Road and Chase’s Pond Road to the south and east, Mount Agamenticus to the north and Kittery Water District Folly Pond, Middle Pond, Boulter Pond and Bell Marsh Reservoir watershed areas to the south and west.

Community Conservation

The Town of York is lucky to have two Public Water Suppliers, York Water District and Kittery Water District and their combined 5 water supplies located in York. The combined total acreage the two Districts own and manage is about 5,000 heavily wooded acres with management roads and trails that are open to the public for limited passive recreation. This all lies just south of Mount Agamenticus and its, more than,  7,000 acres of conservation land. This area is managed by the Mount Agamenticus Conservation Program through the York Parks & Recreation Department.

York Water District has a long history and very strong ties to the Mount Agamenticus Conservation Program. In fact, the York Water District leases access to the summit via Mt. A Road, parking lots and trails to the Town of York for public access to this unique area known for it’s large intact forest and biological richness.

Resource Protection

In 1997 the District initiated a watershed patrolling program to work at controlling unwanted and illegal activities taking place on the watershed property surrounding Chase’s Pond. Patrols were conducted by treatment plant staff during normal work hours, Monday – Friday.

Realizing most of these activities were taking place after hours and on weekends, in 2000 we changed the patrolling program to include evenings and weekends when most activity takes place. Patrols, photos and reports (data collection) where important pieces of the program.

In 2003 after years of gathering patrol data the York Water District and York Police Department entered a unique partnership. A District employee would be trained to become a reserve police officer. This would give the employee full police power and authority while patrolling.

In 2004 after completing all required training the Kittery Water District joined this partnership and the YWD employee, now a member of the York Police Department, also began patrolling the Kittery Water District watershed property to the south and west of our watershed.

This move was a very important step in the protection of 5 public water supplies and 5,000 acres or water resource land owned and managed by 2 separate Water Districts. This began a long steady decline in unwanted and often illegal activities taking place in the area.

In 2010 the patrolling program took another step when our patrol officer began year-round patrols of the trails in the Mt. A. Conservation Region.  

Watershed ATV Permit Program

The York Water District and Kittery Water District together allow the use of All Terrain Vehicles on all management roads and most trails on a limited basis. Together the Districts manage a Watershed ATV Permit program. This program was initiated in 1997 to control the increasing amount of ATV’s and ATV related problems in the watershed.

Our watershed ATV permits are only available to people who live and/or own property in the Towns of Kittery, Eliot or York, these are the towns the two Districts provide water to. Each ATV must have its own permit.

Dirt Bikes, motorcycles and motor driven cycles are not allowed on District property.

Applications can be obtained from this website here, or at the York Water District office 86 Woodbridge Road York, Maine, Kittery Water District office 17 State Road Kittery, Maine or the York Water District Resource Protection Office 9 Eber Drive, York, Maine.

To apply for a permit the applicant must possess a legal, current State of Maine ATV Registration. The registration must show the applicant has a Kittery, Eliot or York address for each ATV in need of a permit. After completing the application, you can submit it online or return it to one of the offices. Once approved you will be sent a watershed permit sticker in the mail.

All permits expire with the State of Maine ATV registration on June 30th and must be renewed annually.