The treatment process starts in Chase’s pond. In August of 2016 an aeration/circulation system was installed in the 15 acres of the pond nearest the dam to improve in-pond water quality and to attempt to prevent future algal blooms. It is these 15 acres of the pond that is thought to be the seeding/starting area for algal blooms. The aeration system consists of eight four-foot round discs, each with 100 feet of coiled plastic pipe with air release holes punched in them connected to rubber hose that runs back to an air blower system in the screen house building at the water’s edge. The eight discs sit just off the pond bottom where the air pushed to each disc is released.


There are multiple and significant benefits to the release of this air. In the area of the pond with this system installed, the air released allows increased oxygen throughout the entire water column. Maintaining an oxygen rich environment prevents poor water quality from forming under low/no oxygen conditions as well as the associated conditions that can produce algal blooms. As the air rises from the discs at the bottom of the pond toward the surface it creates an upward current that mixes the oxygen rich water (circulation) in a large area surrounding each disc. The mixing/agitation itself is thought to also discourage algal blooms by causing the break-up of fragile nuisance algae and also not allowing them to swim and maintain themselves in the areas that are most beneficial to their growth. There is also a secondary benefit to fish and other aquatic life in the pond and over time this system can continually improve overall water quality by reducing the bottom muck layer.

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