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Meter Crew

The Meter Crew is staffed by the Meter Foreman and a Service Technician. Their job descriptions require them to be licensed by the State of Maine Dept. of Health & Human Services. This crew handles the installation/removal, reading, maintenance, testing and repairs of all meters in the Distribution System as well as general repairs and special tasks. They respond to customer service complaints/inquiries and troubleshoot issues concerning water pressure, water quality, water consumption, etc. In addition, they are responsible for overseeing the District’s Cross Connection Control Program and the enforcement of private testing done on anti-backflow devices. The Meter Crew works directly with the billing clerk when needed to perform disconnection of service for non-payments. In our system supplying over 5,380 metered services, they also work with the Distribution Crew to maintain the District’s Leak Detection Program, in the effort to keep water loss and customer rates to a minimum.

York Water District Backflow Information

Annual test results are required to be submitted to the District

by June 30th of each calendar year.

Test results can be e-mailed to:


Please be sure to contact Tom Chase the Districts Backflow Program Coordinator
at 207-363-2265 with any questions or concerns.

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YWD Acceptable Test Forms

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Industry Websites

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