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Please fill out the online form below OR fill out the fillable pdf and upload. Contact the District at or by calling 207-363-2265 if you have any questions.

Water Service Installation Update


After 10/6/2022 The York Water District will not accept applications for new services or provide cost estimates for the following: new water service taps, concrete, and plastic meter pit installations until April 1st 2023.

1. Have you ever had service with us?
2. Are you requesting
3. What will the service be used for?
Will it include an outside FDC?
4. Does or will this property have a well, swimming pool or a lawn irrigation system?
6. Will the new home have a
7. Are there any other buildings on this property that have or will be serviced with water?

8. Have you received updated copies of the following?

YWD Terms and Conditions (Dated 1.1.19)
Rate Sheet (Dated 1.1.24)
Schedule of System Development Charge (Dated 4.29.03)
Info about the Town of York's Seasonal Conversion (Article 14 Town Ordinace Dated 5.19.18)

The undersigned applies for water service at the above address and agrees to pay for water used according to the established rates of the York Water District as filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, until notice to discontinue such service is given and agrees to conform to all rules and regulations which are now in force or may hereafter be adopted and filed with Public Utilities Commission.

The meter is to remain the sole property of the Water District and I (we) agree to properly protect the meter from freezing or accidental damage and will not permit tampering with or removal of same except by an authorized person or representative of the Water District. It is understood and agreed that the authorized person or representative shall have access to the meter at all reasonable times and that I (we) will be responsible for said meter while in the above property, and will pay for all repairs made on said meter where damage results from improper care. I (we) understand that accounts must be paid in full each billing period unless some other arrangements are made.

This application does not obligate the District to grant your request. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection of your request after field verification of availability for service.

OR download file below and fill out the fillable pdf, upload and click submit.

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