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Summer 2023

Water conservation should be a year-round endeavor for everyone. A small effort on your part becomes particularly important in our community as summer temperatures rise.

A combination of a huge increase in our seasonal population, and an increasing number of residents are utilizing irrigation systems to maintain their lawns and gardens.

It has been estimated that the Town of York’s population roughly triples in the summer, as people flock to the area to take advantage of all our Town has to offer including the enjoyment of our beautiful beaches. Not only does our seasonal population ebb and flow, but our year-round population continues to increase with new homes and new developments appearing throughout town.

Here at the York Water District, we see many of the new homes are equipped with lawn irrigation systems to maintain their landscape. Whether we are experiencing severe drought conditions as we have in recent years, or more rain than needed as the first half of this summer has provided, the efficient use of lawn irrigation systems is always a good idea. By adopting good practices, not only can you as a homeowner or a business save money on your water bill, but you can also do your part to help conserve water for the community for times when it is really needed.

Here are some tips to think about for helping to keep water use under control in the summertime through efficient use of irrigation systems: 


  • Install a drip irrigation system. The water is slowly applied at ground level, which allows for better absorption, especially in clay soil. 

  • If your system has a clock-based timer, upgrade to a WaterSense labeled controller that uses local weather data or monitors the moisture level of soil.

  • Soil moisture sensors can be placed in the ground to prevent irrigation systems from turning on when not needed.

  • Add a rain gauge. The system will shut off when it rains.

  • Adjusting the sprinklers so that they are aimed at the lawn and garden, not at the street or sidewalk.

  • Be sure to adjust your watering schedule throughout the irrigation season, whether you have a manual or automatic system.

  • Routinely check the irrigation system for leaks and clogged sprinkler heads.

  • If using automatic sprinklers, program the timer for 2-3 short cycles to allow the water to soak in the ground.

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