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Rain Barrels and Conservation

Spring 2022

On average the Town of York receives 48.1” of rainfall per year. Did you know that you can calculate the amount of rainfall that can be collected by the size of your roof?

Example: One inch of rainwater falling from 1000 square foot roof = 625 gallons of water.

625 X 48.1 = 30,062.5 gallons of free water in one year! 

The water accumulated can be used for many of your outside watering needs. You will be conserving water and saving dollars on your water bill.

Reminder from the EPA: As rainwater flows over a roof surface, it can pick up pollutants such as bacteria from birds and other animals, and chemicals from roof materials - factors to consider when thinking about using rain barrel water on edible plantings.

Usually, you can find rain barrels at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Courtesy photos.

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