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York Water District Must Turn On Seasonal Water

“Seasonal Customer” means a Customer who takes water service for a portion of the year from either a summer or year-round Water Main. YWD has two types of seasonal customers:


“Summer Service Pipes and Water Mains” are pipes which can supply Premises for only a portion of the year, typically from May 1 to October 1.  As per Maine Public Utility Commission rules, the Utility may elect to extend service before May 1 or after October 1.  (Chapter 62 §2E) All Summer service pipes and mains are turned on at the same time, typically in the weeks prior to May 1. 


Seasonal water service and disconnection of seasonal water service to Customers served from deep water Mains will be by appointment only.  Establishment of service normally begins April 1 and disconnection of service will be no later than December 31, each year.   As per Maine Public Utility Commission rules (Chapter 660 §6C) "The Utility must provide Service by Next Business Day” This applies only to seasonal properties served by a deep water main. This does NOT apply to summer service pipes and mains (see above).

If you are unsure which protocols apply to your property, please call our office at (207) 363-2265 or email


       York Water District is a public water utility operating in the State of Maine. As such, we are obligated to serve under the regulation of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Drinking Water Program (MEDWP) and the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  YWD and other local utilities have been in contact with both entities during this COVID-19 civil emergency. They have been very clear that our organization cannot deny water service to customers. We have no option but to provide water service until the PUC directs us otherwise. I understand your frustration that people may be trying to travel to Maine to escape the COVID-19 risk and that appears to be in direct conflict with the Governor's directive. Essential services cannot be denied as of today. In our most recent notice to customers, we strongly advise against requesting water service until after May 1. If you feel strongly, we encourage you to contact the Office of the Public Advocate and the Maine CDC and voice your concern. Until directed, we must continue to comply with the rules of the PUC. We have also provided contact information for our local state representatives for further contact options.

Lydia Blume - D - House District 3
Phone: (207) 363-9234



Patty Hymanson - D - House District 4


Mark Lawrence - D - Senate District 35

To view the Memo to Public Utilities from the Maine PUC click HERE.

We encourage you to read the York Weekly article in regard to this issue.

To view the article click HERE.

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