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Mount Agamenticus Parking
and Restroom Project

York Water District owns much of the protected land on and around Mt. Agamenticus, including the road to the summit which is leased to the Town of York. This land is in the Chases Pond watershed, the only water supply for the Town of York. The large number of people visiting the area combined with the limited resources currently available pose a threat to YWD land and water quality.

The Town of York and the York Parks and Recreation Department are proposing improved parking and restrooms at the base and summit of Mount Agamenticus to improve visitor experience and to alleviate overcrowding, limited parking spaces, unavailable restrooms and safety concerns that challenge this popular year-round destination.

York Water District supports the planned improvements at Mt. Agamenticus and has funded the design and engineering for the project. These improvements will protect water quality by preventing cars from parking on the side of the road where potential spills are not contained, reduce the chance of property damage, and provide improved facilities to reduce waste and trash on the property.

To learn more about this project please visit the Mt. Agamenticus website HERE.

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