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Last summer, the District announced a partnership with InvoiceCloud to provide our customers with additional methods for making payments, viewing, and receiving their water bills online. After many months of using this new vendor, our customers are very pleased with the many features they provide. Many of these options were not provided by our previous online payment vendor. Some of the many great features of InvoiceCloud include: 

  • A secure and easy-to-use online portal to view your bill online.  

  • Multiple payment options including credit/debit card, e-check, Paypal, Venmo, Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

  • Save time with automatic payment options: 

    • AutoPay – automatically pay the bill amount on the due date. 

    • Recurring Scheduled Payments – set up a schedule to pay a fixed amount or the bill balance on specific recurring days. 

  • Enroll in paperless billing and get your bills via email. 

  • Receive email reminders when your bill is ready, when a scheduled payment is pending, and confirmation after making a payment. 

  • Pay by Text – get text notifications about your bill and have the option to pay through text message with a default payment method (registration required).

If you haven’t already, to take advantage of these new offerings you must register, or re-register if you used our old online payment portal or received e-bills. Customers can also pay their bill without going through the registration process by making a one-time payment. Visit and click the link to “Pay Your Bill Through InvoiceCloud” to get started. The cost of this service is $1.95 for e-check payments and 3.95% of the total bill (minimum of $3.95) for debit or credit card payments. We also now offer our customers the convenience of paying their water bill over the phone by credit/debit card during business hours (standard rate applies). 

For our customers that want to stay “unplugged”, you can continue to pay in-person at our office located at 86 Woodbridge Road, York from Monday through Thursday, during the hours of 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, as well as using our drop box any time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District’s main office by phone at 207-363-2265 or email at

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