FALL 2021

As of 10/6/2021 The York Water District and York Sewer District have completed all utility work on Nubble Rd Phase II. The work zone has been handed off to the York Dept of Public Works.



Phase 2 Information

  • Project starting on 9/9/2021.

  • Starting near 71 Nubble Road. 

  • Project will end at the intersection of Nubble Rd and Dover Bluff.

  • All traffic will be controlled by a flagging detail during the project.

  • Road closures will occur each day in the area of construction.

  • The road will be reopened at the end of each day.

  • All businesses are open please follow construction signage (Sign Package Map).

  • All emergency traffic, mail delivery and school buses will not be delayed.  

  • Please check back for weekly updates.

  • Progress map click here

Nubble Road Updates

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Nubble Rd Project Update 9/18/2021

As of Friday afternoon 9/17/2021, Mick Construction has completed the installation of 200' of sewer main out of 200'. They have completed 3 of the 4 sewer services. Mick Construction has also completed 100' of approximately 860' of water main and 2 water services.

Monday Mick Construction will install the final sewer service and take out the old sewer manhole. After all the sewer work is completed they will continue installation of the water main.

They are making good progress.

Please contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the project.

Webster M. Ropke

General Foreman

York Water District

Nubble Rd Project Update 9/24/2021

As of this Friday afternoon Mick construction has completed the installation of 540’ of water main out of approximately 860’. They have connected 8 out of 19 water services. The sewer main and service work was completed Monday.

The digging has been very rocky with a few very large rocks. Fortunately, they have not run into any ledge. They are still making good progress. They installed an inline valve halfway in the project. This section is from # 73 to #87. The water main in this section has been filled, flushed, tested, and chlorinated. All water that was flushed from the new water main was properly de- chlorinated. Bacteria samples will be taken Saturday and Sunday. We will have the results Monday afternoon. Soon as we know both samples have passed, our crews will begin connecting the homes that have been connected to the new water main in this area asap.

Pending any unforeseen issues such as ledge or rain Mick Construction is hoping to make the final connection to the three-way tee at the Dover Bluff intersection next Wednesday. Then they will continue connecting services to the new water main.

Please contact us anytime with question or concerns.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the project,

Nubble Rd Project Update 10/4/2021

Mick Construction made the final water main connection to the three – way tee at Dover Bluff last Wednesday and as of this afternoon they have completed the final water service connection.

The new watermain and hydrant have been put into service after being fully tested and passed all water samples. Tomorrow Mick will complete cleanup and begin removing their equipment.

So far 18 of 24 water meters have been reinstalled and taken off the temporary line. Tomorrow York Water District crews will install the remaining meters. All temporary water lines will be picked up by Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday the work zone will be officially turned over to YDPW so they can start their work.

Thank you all for your patience.

Please contact us anytime with questions or concerns. Respectfully submitted on behalf of the project. Webster M. Ropke General Foreman York Water District