12-1-2016 Drought Conditions Update

11-15-2016 HDC Water District Partner To Save Historic Home

11-3-2016 October rain puts a damper on Maine

10-17-2016 York Water District holding its own despite drought

9-21-2016 York Water District urges customers to conserve

9-20-2016 Drought Alert Info

8-17-2016 York Fish & Game Helps Protect Water Quality at Mt Agamenticus

8-9-2016 Drought

8-9-2016 Center for Wildlife moving toward new dream home

8-4-2016 YWD Timber Harvest letter STANTEC

8-2-2016 Water Tank Damaged

7-6-2016 selective timber harvest letter

4-19-16 CFW launches campaign to purchase land

3-1-2016 Water District discontinues use of ammonia gas


2-3-2016 Joint Press Release Final

1-19-2016 York Water District Retirement

1-19-2016 Center for Wildlife to Purchase Water District Land

1-7-2016 York officials step up protection of Chases Pond


2/26/2013 SHAPE program renewal letter
5/25-26/2013 Water's Worth It Newspaper Insert
8/28/2013 Emergency Training Critical For Local Safety
11/20/2013 Firefighters From Wells & Ogunquit Battle Brush Fire 7/15/2012 PEP Talk Newsletter
6/20/2012 Doing The Right Thing By Our Veterans
6/20/2012 Districts Will Tend To Gravesites 2/18/2012 Heating Aid Program See Mixed Demand
2/15/2012 Sewall's Bridge Water Main Replacement 5/3/2011 Bohlmann presented with Nadeau Award
4/13/2011 Brownies Get A Water Education
2/14/2011 York Water District Borrows Airboat 12/16/2010 Firewood Donation Warms York Homes
11/4/2010 Maine Department Of Labor Honors York Water District
10/16/2010 York Poised To Enforce Septic Pumping
10/6/2010 York Water District Buys 3-Acre Parcel
8/11/2010 Officials Want Mt. A Visitors To Stay Safe
7/15/2010 Pond Cleared Of Geese
7/14/2010 Geese Roundup Aims To Protect York Reservoir
5/20/2010 Toy Rocket Blamed For Watershed Fire
5/19/2010 Drinking Water Week With Yorks 4th Grade Students
3/31/2010 Algae Bloom On Chases Pond Has Passed
2/10/2010 Algae Bloom Blamed For Bad Taste In York Water 2
2/5/2010 York Water District Dealing With Algae Bloom
2/4/2010 Algae Bloom Blamed For Bad Taste In York Water


11/4/2009 York Kittery Share New ATV For Water District Patrol
10/15/2009 York's RT 103 Bridge Closed Until 2011
10/12/2009 Route 103 Bridge In York To Close Early
9/7/2009 York Water District Looks To Replace Water Main
8/26/2009 Goose Problem For York Water District
8/12/2009 Officials Residents Scope Out Bridge Work
7/29/2009 Firefighters Receive Confined Space Rescue Training
4/16/2009 Drunken Driving Goggles Deliver Serious Message
2/9/2009 Employees Customers Happy With 4 Day Work Week 11/19/2008 Water Council Begins Work
9/24/2008 York Water District Switches To 4 Day Work Week
1/16/2008 York Water District Buys Highland Towing Property 1/2/2008 York Water District Photo Brings In Money 10/17/2007 York Water District Hosts Training 2005 Opflow Gimmicks and Gadgets Contest 2/11/2004 York Water District Recognized