Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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York Fish & Game Club Helps Protect Water Quality on Mt. Agamenticus

Recently members of the York Fish & Game Club volunteered their time to construct two hike/bike/emergency use bridges on Ring Trail West at Mount Agamenticus. Tens of thousands of people visit Mt. Agamenticus annually, the vast majority use the Ring Trail. A portion of the Ring Trail passes through watershed land owned by York Water District.  Water flowing from this area of the mountain eventually ends up in Chase’s Pond the sole source of supply for the Town of York.

It’s been a priority of the District watershed management plan to protect water quality by reducing erosion caused by runoff on the watershed roads and trails by re-routing trails, installing bridges, culverts, water bars, swales and surface grading where ever possible. The projects planned for Mt A. in 2016 were just another step in that important goal. 

For ease of construction the bridges had the same dimensions 12’ long by 6’ wide built of hemlock for its rot resistant qualities. Both bridges use 2”X6” treads held up by four 8”X8”X12’ beams. The reason for the width of the bridge and the size of the beams is to allow off road emergency or construction vehicle use to cross if ever needed.

We thank the York Fish & Game Club volunteers for their time building these two bridges quickly, professionally and efficiently.

York Fish & Game Club Thank You Letter


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