Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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York Police & Kittery Water District Partnership


Late in 2003 the Watershed Patrol Program took another important evolutionary step. The York Water District and The York Police Department began a partnership. The patrol person (a District Employee) completed training to become a Town of York Reserve Police Officer giving the position new authority. Patrols of the property were now performed by a District employee who was also a Town of York Police Officer. The watershed patrol Police Officer is always in constant contact by cell phone or 2-way radio with the Dispatch Center for York Police.


Recreational users of the watershed area often pass back and forth from the York Water District trail system to or from the adjacent Kittery Water District trail system therefore the Districts share the same visitors, the same activities, and the same problems. The two Districts have partnered on many cooperative efforts throughout the years and in 2004 the two Districts agreed on a joint Watershed Patrol Program. The York Water District patrol officer began patrolling the Kittery Water District watershed in the same manner as the York Water District Watershed Patrols. Watershed Brochures have been revised to show the York Water District, Kittery Water District and York Police Department partnership. The rules listed in the brochure are discussed and agreed upon before being added to the brochure so that there is uniformity as visitors pass from one property to the other. Data compiled from watershed patrols over the years has helped the York Water District (and Kittery Water District) to make more informed decisions in managing Chase’s Pond and the Chase’s Pond Watershed area.
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