Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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In 2002, after 5 years of gathering information related to recreational use and watershed abuse, the patrol person was made identifiable as a York Water District employee by incorporating York Water District Watershed Patrol wording on his clothing and public education became a new part of this job. At that time, the patrol person began actively seeking to communicate with the people that were using the area explaining whose property they were using and letting them know if their activity was acceptable or not. Property line signs and other trail markers were installed on every trail. Additional signs listing the rules of use for the area were attached to the entry gates. An educational Watershed Brochure was produced explaining what a watershed is, listing the unacceptable activities and showing a map of property lines, trails, and closed areas. The brochures were made available in trail boxes located at all watershed access gates that were previously installed in 1997.
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