Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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A “cross-connection” is a connection between a public drinking water system
and a non-
public water system.Examples = YWD water vs private well or YWD water vs non-potable water system, such as a fire sprinkler system, an irrigation system, a swimming pool, a boiler with anti-freeze, carbonation equipment, or commercial/medical equipment, etc. If the pressure in a public water system should drop (ex. main break, pump failure, thermal expansion, fire hydrant flows, etc.) it could create an unwanted reversal in the flow of water called a “backflow”, which could allow the non-public or non-potable water from these other systems to flow back into the public drinking water system and potentially contaminate the public water supplying the rest of the town. Through the enforcement of our Cross-Connection Control Program, we can inspect these potential hazard areas and reduce the risk of contamination by requiring the use of an anti-backflow device and making sure that annual testing has been performed by a Certified Backflow Device Tester.

Annual Test Results Are Required To Be Submitted To The District By July 1st Of Each Calendar Year

Please be sure to contact Tom Chase the Districts Backflow Program Coordinator at 207-363-2265 with any questions or concerns

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