Monday, July 24, 2017

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Quarterly Water System Update

Water System Update – Spring 2017

May 1, 2017

Submitted by Joe Dignam
Asst. Treatment Plant Operator

Spring has officially arrived, and for us at the York Water District that means drinking water production is ramping up and our construction season is well underway. Seasonal water has been turned on as we welcome back our summer customers for another season. With Chase’s Pond overflowing, warming weather, and new projects starting we are ready for another exciting and busy year. 

Following the significant drought last year, we are relieved to say that our supply continues to fill. Several inches of rainfall this spring were a welcome change we hope will continue into this summer. The water in Chase’s Pond is quickly warming up, which means our treatment plant operators are working hard to keep up with rapidly changing water quality. The treatment plant is producing more water every day as people return to their summer homes. During this time of year, we produce between 700,000 and 1 million gallons of finished water every day.

The office staff is very busy with seasonal billings, scheduling spring turn-ons, customer service and overall accounting for all stock and inventory used for infrastructure projects. 
The distribution and meter crews have been extremely busy as various projects are now underway. Water mains are currently being replaced on Atlantic Avenue in York Beach and Varrell Lane in York Harbor. This includes complete replacement of the existing water main as well as renewing the service connections to each home’s property line. Spring work in the distribution system includes flushing and turning on seasonal water mains, repairing and replacing water services, turning on seasonal homes, installing services and meter pits for new construction, preparing infrastructure for road paving, and much more.

Spring is an important time of year in the watershed as well. When all the brooks and streams are flowing, it is critical to ensure no contaminants or unwanted materials find their way into Chase’s Pond. We accomplish this through continued watershed patrols and constant trail construction and maintenance. High quality water starts at the source, and the source starts in the watershed. Our pristine source and protected watershed has and always will be one of York’s most important assets.

The York Water District would like to take this opportunity to announce National Drinking Water Week 2017. This nationwide event takes place May 7th – 13th. National Drinking Water Week is a time to recognize the effort put forth to produce a safe, reliable, and affordable source of drinking water to the public. During this week, the York Water District will be welcoming anybody to participate in an informational tour of our treatment plant or watershed. If you would like a tour or more information, please call: (207) 363-2265 or visit


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