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Southside Road Water Main Installation Project

Project Update - 10/17/2018

Here is our weekly update regarding the Southside Road water main project,

Our “on-site Inspector” Webster Ropke has reported that as of this morning 10/17/18;

Mick Construction has installed 2,639’ of 3000’+ of water main. As we approached crossing of Southside Rd near Harvest Lane, we decided to pause there for a bit and move out towards US Route One.

Mick Construction has now made the connection at US Route One and is now laying pipe towards Harvest Lane. (This adjustment to the plan will minimize down time for the actual crossing of Southside Rd. We also plan to install the 3rd new fire hydrant at the intersection of South side and Harvest Lane which adds some complexities to the final connection. A little pain for a lot of gain.

As soon as the final connection is made we will begin the process to fill, flush, test, chlorinate, de-chlorinate and sample the new water main in this last phase. As soon as we confirm that there are no leaks, Mick will coordinate with Libby Scott to pave this final section and do a final clean up.

Libby Scott completed base paving of the “lower” ½ of the project on Thursday the 11th. The next day Libby Scott had to complete a few steps to follow the Town’s spec to get ready to pave the surface layer of pavement which was finalized on Monday the 15th.

We anticipate all water main laying operations to be complete this week. Next week we will schedule and coordinate a day to close Southside Rd for a period of time to complete 2 water service installations and then begin a general clean-up of the project.

As always please call or email with any questions.

Project Update - 10/10/2018

Our “On-Site Inspector” Webster Ropke has reported that as of today 10/2/2018.

The 2 new Fire Hydrants are now in service.

Mick Construction has installed 2,489’ of 3000’+ of watermain. They are just short of the planned crossing of Southside Road at Harvest Lane. We anticipate the crossing in this area to be completed on Monday. Mick is planning on utilizing road plates (for vehicles to drive over) for the crossing to avoid shutting the road down completely. Please expect longer delays.

Today, Mick is preparing the lower section for pavement replacement. This is the tricky part of the project! The only effective way to accomplish is;
• Prep today by removing approximately 4” of gravel.
• Libby Scott’s grader crew will smooth (by grading and compacting) the gravel surface.
• This prepared trench will be left overnight!!
This prepared trench will be left overnight!!
• Low profile vehicles may have difficulty if you don’t travel as signs direct you.
• Paving is scheduled for Thursday weather pending, if we receive heavy rain the paving will be delayed until Friday.

Please note next info is important!
This is the method used successfully on Organug Road and Seabury Road during those main replacement projects.
Webster has been working with most residents to advise of what to expect.
• Residents will only be able to take a right turn out of their driveways until paving is completed!!
• Signs will be posted at each driveway as a reminder.

As always please call or email with any questions.

Project Update - 10/2/2018

Our “On-Site Inspector” Webster Ropke has reported that as of today 10/2/2018.

Mick Construction has installed 1,969' of 3,000' of watermain to date. The second new fire hydrant just across from Dolly Brook has been installed. 
Our crew is working to fill, flush, test, chlorinate, de-chlorinate and sample this next section of new watermain. We will notify the Fire Departments as soon as the hydrant is put into service. (A word of caution, the new fire hydrants along this section will not produce more than 1000+ gpm until final connection is made at US Route One).

Due to today’s rain, Mick will be removing a testing point across from Jeffery Drive. They will also spend time saw cutting the edge of our trench to prepare for pavement replacement. Previously, we were hopeful to have the 1st phase base paved by now. Clearly we were unable to complete any paving.

As soon as the second section passes the pressure test and bacteria samples are satisfactory, we will schedule Libby Scott to pave from Jeffery Drive up to Dolly Brook. We now anticipate this being completed on Wednesday, October 10th weather pending.

We are still making great progress and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

As always please call or email with any questions.

Project Update - 9/18/2018

Due to rain no work today

Our “On-Site Inspector” Webster Ropke has reported that as of today 9/18/2018.

Construction has installed 1000’ of 3000’+ of watermain as of yesterday afternoon 9/17.  They have been averaging 200’ per day (very impressive).

During the planning stages of this project we did complete a ledge profile. The profile showed us that we could expect approximately 851’ linear of ledge to be removed. (to date they have removed 229’ of 851’) Most of the ledge broke up nicely when hammered. We are about 1000’ from the next section of ledge (near # 34 Southside).

Libby Scott will coordinate reclaiming the 2nd half of the project on Monday, September 24th.  

As always please call or email with any questions.

Project Update - 9/11/2018

Our “On-Site Inspector” Webster Ropke has reported that,

On Tuesday September 4th , Libby Scott reclaimed, graded and compacted one lane of the asphalt from Jeffery Drive to 200’ past Snap Hook (approximately 1500’). We utilized York Police to assist with traffic control along with 2 flagger's which worked out very well.

Mick Construction mobilized their equipment on Tuesday & Wednesday. Early Thursday they began installing pipe starting at Jeffery Drive. As expected they did hit ledge and have been hammering with a large hoe ram for the ledge removal. It is noisy but effective (as you can see in the picture to the right the ledge is breaking up nicely so far). They are working to decide if they will pre-drill the ledge or not.

So far traffic has been manageable with no visible long delays, regardless of a few rumors. The longest period was 7-8 minutes. One gentleman in a red pick-up was kind enough to waive a digit at the crew (I think to state we are number 1 in his book). Starting a project of this size we appreciate the encouragement.

By end of yesterday Tuesday, Mick has installed 260’ of 3000’+. Considering we have are just a few days into this project, we are thrilled with the progress.

As always please call or email with any questions.

Project Overview 8-30-2018

The York Water District will start a Water Main Installation Project on September 4th, beginning on Southside Road at Jeffery Drive and then making the final connection at the intersection of US Route 1. We anticipate completing the project by early November. This project was identified in our 2004 masterplan. Completion of this project will increase quantity of water available for fire-fighting and improve water quality in this area.

Mick Construction of Rollinsford NH is the excavation/installation contractor for this project.

During phase I; Libby Scott (local pavement contractor) will reclaim (grind the pavement on the east side of Southside Road for about 1500’) the first half of the project starting at Jeffery Drive on September 4th. After reclaiming they will grade and compact the gravel material to make the area passable for vehicle traffic.

Actual start date of excavation will start on September 5th.
Traffic during construction will be controlled by a flagging company. There are some areas where traffic will be controlled by the York Police. We will work to maintain a single lane. Emergency response vehicles, School Busses, trash collection and mail will not be delayed. Our on-site inspector will work to coordinate access for residents within the work zone.

For the safety of the workers and to minimize traffic delays, please follow the direction of Traffic Control personnel and construction signs. Please stay in your lane.

The road will be opened to 2-way traffic at the end of each work day. The work area will remain a gravel surface until substantial completion of each phase prior to pavement replacement.

If you have any questions or would like to receive emailed project updates, please call the York Water District Office and provide an email address at (207) 363-2265.

Southside Rd Pictures

Tie in at US Route 1

Digging under power line for
Weavers Way.

Hammering ledge just before
Weavers Way.

Existing pavement thickness.

New fire hydrant.

Under culvert crossing.

Vibratory roller used to compact
each 12" lift of the road base.

Plate compactor used to 
compact sand bedding 
around the 12" pipe.

Section of 12" pipe
being installed.

Ledge Removal On
Southside Road.

Click Image to see full size map

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