Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Harmon Park Road Water Main Replacement Project

Project Overview

The York Water District has started a Water Main Replacement Project on Harmon Park Road.

In order to minimize traffic delays please follow all construction signs.

If you have any questions please call the York Water District Office
at (207) 363-2265.

York Sewer District Updates Click Here

Project Update

Like any project, the 1st few days can be hectic before you see any real progress. Mick Construction has focused their work on the replacements in the Harmon/Varrell Intersection as an efficiency. This will allow traffic to flow freely on Varrell Lane. This time of the year Varrell Lane has a lot of Boat traffic.

10/11/2017 Update Mick Construction completed the tie in to York Street on October 4th. The water main has been tested and chlorinated. Then dechlorinated prior to flushing. Two bacteria samples were taken and passed. Mick began tying in domestic services on October 5th and all of the services were completed on October 6th. The new water 8" main is now in service. Most important fire hydrants H315 which is located in front of 11 Harmon Park Rd and H313 on Clarks Lane are now back in service. General cleanup is underway. Lawns are being loamed and seeded.

The road has had a final rolling and is ready to be handed off to the YDPW for their necessary drainage and road re-construction.  

10/2/2017 Update Mick Construction has installed 620' of 8" DI water main out of 860'. They are making great progress. The fire hydrant that is in front of 11 Harmon Park Rd was installed on 10/2. the final water main connection is scheduled for Wednesday morning 10/4 at the York St end of the project.

9/18/2017 Update Mick Construction has installed a total of 100’+ of 8” ductile iron water main and one fire hydrant. This short section has been pressure tested, chlorinated, de-chlorinated, sampled twice and put into service.

Please Note:

Hydrant H316, H315 on Harmon Park and hydrant H313 are Now In Service

Harmon Park 
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York Water District 86 Woodbridge Road PO Box 447 York Maine 03909 207-363-2265