Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Confined Space/Rescue Training

A Joint Effort by  the York Water District ,York Sewer District, York Beach Fire Department & the York Village Fire Department. The District's needed a mutual aid agreement for confined space entry/rescue, and both Fire Departments needed training. In Part by a MMA grant, York Water District & York Sewer District provided (through a private contractor) the necessary confined space rescue training for all parties involved. The definition of a confined space is any space not normally occupied and has limited means of egress. Manholes and tanks would be classified as confined spaces. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) have a Confined Space Standard that employers must meet when their employees enter a confined space. In an effort to meet the standard and reduce costs the York Water District and York Sewer District partnered with the York Beach Fire Department and York Village Fire Department in 2009 to purchase and equip a Confined Space Emergency Response trailer and to train District personnel and firefighters in the proper use of the equipment. The trailer houses equipment needed for the Water and Sewer Districts to safely enter a confined space under normal circumstances as well as the equipment needed to perform a Confined Space Rescue by first responders in the event of an emergency occurring in a confined space. 

Confined Space Rescue Trailer

Confined Space Rescue Trailer is available to the Town of York & our partners 24/7.

The following items are part of the Confined Space Rescue Trailer inventory.

Traffic control devices

Tripod & Davit arm

Rescue Winch/Ventilation

Standby power / lighting

EMS bag “1st aid supplies”

Complete inventory list of the Confined Space Rescue Trailer click here

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