Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Distribution Crew

The Distribution Crew has 1 General Foreman, 1 Foreman, 1 Leadmen & 3 Laborers. Every member of the crew is licensed by the
State of Maine Dept of Health & Human Services. They are also specially trained to maintain the system & make emergency repairs when needed. Some of our daily activities consist of installing/repairing water services, fire hydrants, gate valves, and seasonal lines and water mains. Most new water mains are installed by a private contractor with our staff on hand to inspect all phases of the installation for quality control. To maintain water quality the crew exercises our annual watermain flushing program that starts in the September and usually runs until the end of October.


The York Water District maintains 82+ miles of water mains throughout our distribution system. Majority of our pipe in the system is ductile iron water pipe; we do however have some cast iron, and polyethylene as well Pipe sizes from 2” to 16”. There are also 17 miles of Seasonal mains that are part of the distribution system that serve most of York’s seasonal residents between April and October.

The system provides 376 Public & 67 Private Fire Hydrants, and there are also 121 Private Fire Services that range from 2in to 10in.

The Distribution system utilizes two water storage tanks designed to maintain system pressure and provide an adequate supply of water in case of a fire; a two million gallon storage tank on York Heights and a three million gallon storage tank on Simpson Hill in Cape Neddick, the system also has 4 booster pump stations.


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