Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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10/24/2017 York, Kittery Water Districts advance water sharing program Click Here
9/28/2017 York Water District continues upgrade projects Click Here
8/22/2017 Water District drill draws local, county emergency responders Click Here
8/15/2017 Kittery to partner with York in water upgrade Click Here
7/18/2017 Water District’s Chase appointed to ‘BOSH’ Click Here
Quarterly Water System Update Click Here
2/1/2017 Public Water Supply Update Click Here


12/16/2015 York, Kittery Water Districts Honored
 Water Main Replacement Underway On Seabury Rd
8/20/2015 Chase's Pond Aeration System Click Here 
8/17/2015 The York Water District began a selective Timber Harvest for more information click here.
3/24/2015 Groundbreaking Teamwork Between Town Utilities
Water Service To Seasonal Beach Homes Delayed
1/12/2015 Leak Survey Update


5/13/2006 Mothers Day Storm
York Water District 86 Woodbridge Road PO Box 447 York Maine 03909 207-363-2265