Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Barrell Lane Water Main Replacement Project

Project Overview

The York Water District has started a Water Main Replacement Project on Barrell Lane.

This water utility project is estimated to be completed by April 30th.

In order to minimize traffic delays please follow all construction signs.

If you have any questions please call the York Water District Office 
at (207) 363-2265.

Project Update

2nd update for the Barrell Lane Project.

As of 4/19/2018 the new water main on Barrell Lane from Lilac Lane to 29 Barrell Lane is now in service.

  • Fire Hydrant(H304) near the rear entrance of St. Christopher's Church is now back in service. District crews are working to complete service connections on this phase of the project.
  • Fire Hydrant(H308) on Lilac Lane near Barrell Lane Ext remains out of service. This hydrant is still being used to supply temporary water for domestic use while the remainder of the new main is being installed.
We anticipate the final completion of the water and service portions of this project by Monday April 30th.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 363-2265

1st update for the Barrell Lane Project.

YWD crews started running temporary lines for domestic water use on 3- 26 .

This week YWD crews began excavating services and tying in the homes to temporary lines. By the end of the day of today we expect to have all but 2 homes to be on temporaries. Due to the unusual cold temps we found the need to install bleeders on the temporary lines to prevent freezing.

  • We have started preparing the service trenches at the main for the pipe bursting, you’ll notice steel plates protecting the prepped trenches and the travelling public.

  • On Monday April 9th the 8” poly pipe is being delivered. YWD crews along with Abbott Bros. will prepare the remaining service trenches. The Ted Berry Company will mobilize on Tuesday April 10th. They will begin by welding the new polyethylene water main.
  • On Wednesday they will begin to process of bursting the existing 6” cast iron water main while installing the new 8” polyethylene water main.
  • All of next week the road will be closed to thru traffic.
  • Trash pick-up, mail, school buses and emergency access will have no issues.
  • We will have 2 flaggers for traffic control and dispatch will be notified daily.

  • Webster Ropke our General Foreman will be the point of contact for any issues on site, his cell number is 207-451-8108.

Barrell Lane



York Water District 86 Woodbridge Road PO Box 447 York Maine 03909 207-363-2265